Most of us waste precious time daydreaming of what our life could be like if we only had the time, support, talent and resources. Rather than inspiring us to make changes these little internal excursions keep us more stuck and depleted as we give our energy away to these perceived limitations.

Creating a truly successful, inspiring and powerful life does not happen by taking one massive leap into the unknown or radically changing the external circumstances of your life. Rather it is a quiet steady process that happens over time made up of small purposeful steps taken one after the other. In fact attempting a large unsafe step straight up is more likely to sabotage our efforts before we’ve even started.

Achieving real sustainable change begins as an internal exercise and requires a shift in the way you show up to your life. For this to occur you must first allocate time, space and give energy to your inner world and its experiences. This means committing for several months to discovering, meeting, listening and being guided by trust, intention, intuition and inner knowingness.

This is where the coaching relationship steps in. It provides a safe, exploratory and innovative container to travel deep inside yourself and seek out insights, wisdom and direction. While we may love and trust our family, friends and support circles they are not equipped to hold the space required for such a powerful and transformative conversation.

Realising your own potential can only happen in a relationship designed by you specifically for this purpose. What keeps the majority of us stuck in the drudgery of daily life is that we simply do not say YES to ourselves or to this first step of exploration. We put it off reasoning that we can’t make the time, spend the money or be that vulnerable. More commonly we trick ourselves into thinking we can do it on our own.

Don’t kid yourself – nothing more than a surface shift will happen while you engage in the same old practices of setting external goals, seeking others guidance, pushing, shoving, judging and over-stretching yourself. It is simply not enough to envision, affirm or vision-board a dream life, profession, creative contribution, family life or personal endeavour.

Radically transforming your life requires:

  • deep personal inner exploration to find out who you are being today and who you wish to become.
  • breaking out of conditioned ways of relating to yourself, others and life that keep you stuck and tired.
  • accessing your unique power base and designing from it a power statement for your future.
  • envisioning a future from this power base that reflects who you wish to become.
  • coming back to the present and making small purposeful steps to shift your BEING NOW to meet this future down the track.

Every single human being is equipped to experience an inspired, innovative, successful, loving and peaceful existence. All it takes is commitment to the journey and seeking out the right support to get started.

If you sense a brighter, richer and more meaningful life is possible and feel READY to make it a reality book your first coaching session today. In just one hour you will walk away with a deeper understanding of your inherent strengths and learn how they create sustainable happiness in your life.

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