Are you in a totally different land to your partner, unable to communicate or receive the support you would like?

Before having a baby, you were probably told it would change your life. What you did not hear is how radical, confronting and transformative this shift can be. Giving birth and raising children is often presented as joyful process that enhances our lives, but in reality the day to day demands can lead us to some dark and difficult places.

Research shows around 70% of couples face distressing relationship issues within the first five years of a baby, with many ending in divorce. Already confronting, this statistic does not include the large numbers of mothers and fathers who experience a personal crisis as they adjust to life as a family. With thousands of books, blogs and experts telling us HOW to parent, very little attention is given to BEING a parent or making the leap from two to three, four or five.

Parenting is the toughest job on earth and the most under valued within society. This leaves many of us lost, confused and exhausted with no clear roadmap on how to move forward. Expert advice can help with common hotspots but there is no one size fits all approach for raising a child or helping a relationship adjust. More often striving to ‘get it right or work it out’ leads to burnout, conflict, anxiety and depression.

Parent is a new and demanding role we grow into and takes time, patience, practice and humor. Greater ease, peace and confidence is possible when we let go of the need to get it right, set more realistic expectations and start trusting in our unique strengths and capabilities. From here we are more grounded and authentic with our children and better positioned to navigate conflict, repair relationships and restore harmony to our lives.

My mission is to help individuals and couples feel confident and comfortable in their parent role, and to improve the impact a baby has on their relationship. Stay tuned for tools, insights and resources to help you grow into parenting or sign up and Join the Tribe to get your free training.

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