Most of us assign ‘originality’ to an idea, artwork, product or business. Rarely do we conceive ourselves as an ‘original’ made up by a unique combination of talents, strengths, passions and wisdoms. This blind spot leaves the majority of us believing we have no real creative value or worthy contribution to make in our lifetime.

Its a strange affair that so much of our time, energy and resources goes into developing the mind and exploring feelings but seldom is that same effort applied to knowing our own potential. The modern education system does well in shaping our intellect and giving us the tools to help us ‘fit in’. It does little, however to explain what makes you YOU or how to draw on this core essence as a source of direction and power.

You were born original and when you live from your unique essence all that you do is original.

We are all born as human beings with a body, mind and spirit, yet there is no other human exactly like you. Give a few kids exactly the same pencils and ask them to draw a house and you can be sure they will not create the same picture. Without even intending to, each one of them will leave their own unique imprint in the way they express that house on paper. Absolutely everything we do, say and think is influenced by our inherent nature so we cannot help but be original.

To live in purpose requires knowing your authentic SELF, the essence of YOU

To live authentically is the act of embracing your essence and then consciously allowing this to flow freely into every aspect of your life. Everyone has the capacity to envision the original in his or her own life but they first must recognise it within themselves. Too often we fall back on those attributes that make us like everyone else as a guide to who we are and what we can achieve. Sadly this offers no space for the potential of what we could be beyond the mainstream or our ‘normalised’ life experience.

In an effort to belong, we sacrifice our inherent ‘originality’ and radically LIMIT ourselves

Living in resistance to your true nature or essence is to deny your calling and this ALWAYS creates inner conflict, struggle, dullness, depression and illness. Finding genuine comfort in your body, spirit and life is not possible by confirming, playing small or adhering to the status quo. True power comes from being grounded in your essence so that you can be a creative PRESENCE in our world. To experience wellbeing from your core means you have no choice but to recognise and create from your ORIGINAL self.

Start today with these simple and fun techniques to discover your essence…..

  • Think about what you take time to do especially well – do you make birthday cards, inspire your friends, bringing laughter to the room, offer guidance in times of trouble, see simplicity in complexity, bringing integrity to all that you do, ensure fairness, bring together ingredients, images or people in a magical way?
  • How do you show love – is it by cooking, create masterpieces in the garden, telling great stories, helping out in the community, teaching, sharing the beauty of life though art, hugging, being a shoulder to cry on, honouring grief or leading change?
  • Reflect on the unique way you tackle daily tasks – what are the small ways you bring a personal touch to what could easily be mundane activities. Do you draw a heart on your cards, wear extra red lipstick, choose the most colourful tie, remember how your friends drink their tea or take time to find exactly the right present?
  • Feel into how you interact with others, what do people most come to you and trust you for?
  • Ask valued friends or family to list three to five of your top qualities; or
  • To tell you something powerful they see in you, that you yourself may not see.

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