While it may not leap out as an inspirational moment, feeling dullness is often a powerful signal that you’ve hit a ceiling and something in your life wants to grow and evolve.

We live in a world that celebrates constant movement, improvement, new ideas, action and achievement, so a dull mind can easily be judged by your Self and others as a failing or setback.

Now this couldn’t be further from the truth!

A dull mind is an important catalyst for powerful life transitions. A whisper from your soul telling you to wake up and break out of old habits so you can create a life that actually excites you.

Consider it a little alarm telling you that your inner light has dimmed down to a mere flicker and the time has come to turn up the volume and play big.

A dull mind is actually an essential step in every journey to self-discovery. The natural heaviness it creates stabilizes the mind so it can move beyond internal chatter and outer distractions to tap into the wise messages underneath.

By letting go of your active thinking with it’s relentless need to know the answers – to solve, push and constantly act, you can begin to access those deeper insights waiting to guide you forward.

And this is where life coaching helps. It provides a safe and creative container where you can take time and give energy to discovering how you would like to grow and expand in this moment. I helps you to identify your values and create a life that honors them.

So if you’re stuck, bored or out of sync don’t waste another precious moment feeling bad, instead carve out the time to choose a new path.

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