For the last seven years I’ve felt extremely blessed to be doing work I love and am passionate about. That was until last year when I started to feel disconnected from my purpose and doubtful of my direction. Along with this all my efforts to grow the business seemed blocked and unsuccessful. Quite simply I found myself stuck in a rut, not really going anywhere and feeling like a bit of a failure.

This is such a common experience for us all, having powerful intentions, working hard and getting nowhere. Too often when life is not turning out the way we hoped or our path is continually blocked we blame ourselves or look for what’s wrong instead asking what the resistance is telling us. We get stuck in a cycle of pushing forward, judging more and trying harder. And the more we work at it the more tired and stuck we become. Eventually we just burn out or give up.

This is where I was quickly heading. I tried on different hats within my business, experimented with seminars, wrote articles and designed programs. Yet as I was busy doing all these things I could feel my own resistance to them. It was like a voice deep inside of me was saying this is not how your gifts are going to flourish. For awhile I tuned down the voice because I knew if I listened, it would ask me to do something radical, like really trust in myself.

If there is one thing I have learnt on my travels as Life Coach to 100s of people across the globe, we are always being called forth to our own greatness. No matter how shit our life becomes, it’s never a sign that we are failing at it. We all make poor choices, act in small ways or choose safety instead of courage but this does not make us failures, it just makes us human. The human path is one full of trials and tribulations that on the surface frustrate, challenge or even break us for awhile but they are always in service of our own growth.

This is why we have been gifted with a soul to guide us.

Our soul is simply a higher version of our SELF that is informed by set of universal laws rather than relying on the minds’ version of wisdom. The mind operates off logic and reason, the spirit operates from inter-connectedness and interrelatedness. Everything is connected and in relationship with each other. When we lead our lives only from the mind, we can only recreate what already exists but when we engage the spirit we create what is wanting to be born.

We are so conditioned to believe there is a logical response for everything in our life we get totally sidelined when the unreasonable happens. Like when our health fails or we cannot have children. We lose our job unfairly or our efforts to create something amazing ends up as nothing or worse lands us in ill-health and depression. All around us everyday the unreasonable has its way, yet we still continue to stick steadfastly to reason and logic as the only way forward.

That is until the unreasonable happens to us. Then and only then are we willing to open up to the unknown and seek out a new approach.

Working with the unreasonable or the illogical is actually the process of moving through a soul or spiritual crisis. Spiritual challenges are those that the mind cannot solve and that asks us to trust in forces greater than ourselves even when we can’t see the next steps. These tend to arrive in our life when our spirit unbeknown to our mind has hit a ceiling and is ready to evolve. I liken it to shedding layers of our conditioning so that more of our authentic self is visible and available to the world.

In my own situation only after I had grown tired of blaming myself, I started to accept this invitation to shift my purpose and to grow in the process. I connected with spirit and asked what is wanting to happen right now? And my soul spoke back to me. It said six years ago your mission was to liberate people by helping them make better choices in their outer life, now your work wants to go deeper and liberate people at their soul level by transforming their inner life.

This is something I had been toying with right from the get go of becoming coach, working at the soul level. But my ego told me no one would take me seriously. That I had no right to teach about such things as I am not religious nor have I studied with the great masters. And for a long time I believed it. Even so I still continued to read, study and practice my own version of spirituality and in time I realised it was just as valid as any ancient practices.

Looking back, I see I had been preparing for this moment. That all along my soul had known this would be my path, it just took time for my mind to catch up. I believe this is true for us all. That when we find ourselves stuck or unable to find direction in life or work, we are being called forth to own the path we have been dancing around all this time. Deep down we all know our purpose, it’s in our DNA and has been guiding us in small ways all our life we just need to listen, be willing and allow it in.

What I also understood is that I had been coaching people all along from this perspective. That from the beginning I was listening in to what their soul was saying and feeding back to clients what their purpose might be. Now instead of calling it something safe like life coaching I have chosen to remain open to the unknown and let my purpose be revealed as a daily event rather than limit myself to a marketable box.

What I know today is that I help clients claim back their personal power, activate their creative genius and nurture their spiritual wellbeing by learning to listen directly to their soul. I do this so they can let go of the past, empower the Present moment and envision an Inspired future, then take the courageous actions required to make it happen. If you feel ready to move past your stuck-ness and actually have a breakthrough, then book your free session today.

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