What is spirituality? The simplest way to understand spirituality is having the power to create reality. GOD, the universe or source all refer to an creative energy source that has the ability to expand itself. At the human level it is expressed as creativity, resourcefulness and integrity and acts as the inner governance model or compass that guides our beliefs, thoughts, behaviours and actions. Spirituality discerns between right-minded and wrong-minded living and is informed by universal laws.

What makes us spiritual? Every human being is a unique expression of spirit (GOD or source) who has the ability to co-create with life as a way of expanding our universe. So irrelevant to whether we have a spiritual belief or practice, we remain spirit. Spirituality as a process refers to the intimate relationship or dialogue we have with our highest, most powerful, creative and wise self. Spiritual well-being is the daily practice of allowing, listening and conversing with this higher ally and acting on it insights.

What is spiritual wellbeing? Spiritual wellbeing is our ability to thrive in life irrelevant of our external or material circumstances. It draws from our personal power to choose for ourselves and harnesses our unique strengths and talents to create our own life path with clear purpose. Finally, it engages with and develops shared human virtues such as will, courage, compassion and forgiveness to transform the adversities of life into opportunities to grow as a human-being.

Why does spiritual wellbeing matter? Within the current chaos and confusion of our physical world the only certainty is uncertainty, yet few of us know how to thrive in such unstable conditions. Instead we become increasingly stressed, fearful, aggressive and fatigued by life. This makes any type of success difficult to achieve and leaves us trapped in a survival mode that reduces joy. A spiritual approach claims back the power to influence the quality of your life experience, irrelevant of these external conditions.

What is a spiritual crisis? A spiritual crisis is any type of challenge, struggle or major life transition that asks us to consider the meaning and purpose of our life and that requires us to make courageous choices in order to move forward. Moments of turmoil are signals that our spirit has hit a ceiling and is ready to evolve and expand. The discomfort, confusion and stress that a crisis brings with it are symptoms of grieving who you must let go of in order to become who you are meant to be.

What is spiritual success? A spiritually successful person priorities their personal growth over material gain and lives in service to their creative expansion. Sustainable success cannot be achieved by having more money, status or power or doing more to be recognised. A successful life is not measured by a list of accomplishments rather by the person you become in the process of living. Therefore, the only model of success you can truly count on is one you design for yourself and that reflects your core virtues, develops your strengths and honours your aspirations.

How do you become spiritually well? Every human has a significant contribution to make however it takes trust, commitment, focus and effort. Practically, this means giving your attention, time and energy to make your dreams happen. Waiting for someone to shine a light on your talents will only keep you in the dark. A spiritually well person is 100% responsible for their own success and brings the best of themselves into every aspect of their life by being authentic, acting with integrity and allowing their SELF to be seen, heard and appreciated.

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