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Congratulations on taking this powerful step forward, I am extremely excited to partner up with you to transform your aspirations into reality. My approach blends modern coaching science with ancient wisdom to provide a comprehensive framework that will help you to feel good in yourself while we achieve your goals.  

Coaching science is a strengths-based approach to thrive in life that works with the various human intelligences – emotional, mental, social and systemic. It engages your natural strengths to meet challenge and move forward in a way that embodies your values, enhances creativity and improves decision-making. Coaching helps you to empower your personal self so you are can co-create your daily life.

Ancient wisdoms are universal laws that govern all life including humans and facilitates right-minded living. These ancient teachings guide the human journey from a wisdom-based perspective and inform your choices around life purpose, healing and self realisation. Wisdom helps you to evolve your relationship to the larger world and a higher power so you feel guided, nourished and supported as part of a universal WE. 

Intuitive Life Guidance Sessions - AUD $220.00 (single power session)

We all need a little wise counsel when life gets tricky, complicated or just downright confusing. In these moments friends, family and colleagues are often not equipped to offer the support you need to make good choices.

Life Guidance sessions offer you clarity, direction and tips on how to skilfully work with your current challenge and take steps to move forward in a way that serves your best self and ensures your greatest success.

During the 60-min session I help you identify the ‘growth opportunity’ offer within the current block, challenge or transition you are facing and offer guidance on what inner work and outer actions will help you make the shift.

Life Guidance is more directive than empowerment coaching as the goal is to cut to the core of your situation to extract the wisdom/learning on offer and help you to apply these insights to create the results you want. 

These sessions are designed for quick resolution of a current challenge. If you want to make a significant positive change then BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULT to discuss how my Empowerment Coaching Packages can work for you.

Empowerment Coaching Packages - AUD $1860.00 (12 week program)

Looking to make a significant positive shift in any area of your life or just passionate about developing your potential, then Empowerment Coaching is for you. After completing this work you will walk away with new awareness around your strengths, talents and purpose – a more agile mindset and a powerful new tool-kit.  

Awaken the Genius Within Program for Individuals helps you engage your natural strengths, resourcefulness and creativity to transform your current challenge into growth opportunities and new pathways. These sessions are ideal for all types of personal and professional goals and you will leave this work fully equipped with a new education and tool-kit to lead your life in a more powerful way.

Empowered Relationship Coaching for Couples & Families helps your relationship identify its’ unique character, strengths and challenges and apply these to transform your current challenge into positive change. Relationship systems coaching differs from traditional coaching by working with your relationship as a third entity with its’ own personality, strengths and challenges.

Empowered Employee/Team Coaching for Organisations helps your employees get the one-on-one support they need to turn challenges into an opportunity to grow and develop within their role and in your business. Best Team coaching empowers your people to self-lead and co-create innovative solutions and new ways forward. 

Please BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULT to find out more about my bespoke services, packages and rates. 


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